4 Reasons Why Roof Cleaning is Important

In the humid, windy Florida climate, roofs take a lot of damage. Severe weather, debris, and dirt stack up to create plenty of potential issues. But did you know the silent enemies of roofing damage are algae, moss, and fungi? 

To shield your roof against silent damage and unsightly roof stains, schedule annual roof cleaning! Roof cleaning helps you get ahead of roof damage and keeps your roof in the best shape for harsh weather conditions. 

Learn more about what roof cleaning is and why you should schedule service today by reading below! Then contact Perimeter Roofing Florida with your questions or to schedule an appointment for roof cleaning near you. 

What is Roof Cleaning?

Over time, algae, fungus, and moss build up on your roof, causing the shingles to degrade. In order to prevent roof damage and enhance curb appeal, many homeowners invest in annual roof cleaning. 

Roof cleaning involves using a high-powered water spray to remove debris, grime, and plant growth from the roof’s surface. Most roofing companies use a combination of high-powered water and environmentally safe chemical sprays to clear the roof’s surface and prevent new vegetation growth. This is either done with a drone or by accessing your roof and spraying by hand. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Roof Cleaning

1. It keeps your roof looking great.

Have you noticed black or green stains on your roof? These are the result of algae and fungi discoloring your shingles. When the rest of your home exterior looks great, these roof stains damage your curb appeal. Annual roof cleaning removes stains and restores the look of your roof in no time. If you are considering selling your home, a well-maintained and clean roof may just be the selling point you need!

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2. It prevents algae, fungi, and moss from overgrowing.

Unchecked build-up of algae, fungi, and moss can eventually damage your shingles, even leading to roof leaks and interior home damage. This is because:

  • Algae feed off the asphalt material, eating away at your shingles. 
  • Fungus creates pockmarks in the shingles as it grows.
  • Moss causes the shingle’s edges to lift and curl, creating areas where water can seep in.

With regular roof cleanings, you will prevent vegetation from growing on your roof and causing long-term damage. 

3. It extends the lifespan of your roof. 

If you have recently installed a new roof, you know it is a substantial investment that you want to last for many years. Investing in annual roof cleaning extends the lifespan of your roof by preventing damage from vegetation growth. Clean shingles are also better at reflecting sunlight, meaning that they can last longer than poorly reflective shingles. 

4. It helps maintain the energy efficiency of your home.

Algae, moss, and fungi not only impact the look of your roof; they also affect the energy efficiency of your home. Algae stains absorb heat, meaning your attic is hotter and your home takes more energy to cool down. On the other hand, clean and streak-free shingles will reflect heat, becoming an effective barrier to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home against the rising temperatures outside. 

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Let Perimeter Prowash Clean Your Roof!

Perimeter Prowash is a proven roof cleaning method that can add years to your roof and get rid of those black roofing stains that hurt curb appeal. We use a drone connected to a high-powered water spray to methodically clean the surface of your roof. In the humid Florida climate, we highly recommend scheduling annual roof cleaning to stay ahead of moss and algae growth. Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you from our locations in Sarasota and Orlando, FL!

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